NauticPassion is an idea by a lover of boats who has always posed one important objective: understanding the world of boats!

In order to understand that world , you need to lead a life that is full of curiosity trying always to ask as many questions as possible, one of which is: Why?

In addition to this, there is the passion, for boats, techniques and power boating flow like a river waiting for the appropriate moment to reach its mouth. It is that passion that comes from this virtual space that collects everything that is happening at present or will be happening in the world of boats.

It will not be a simple container. On the contrary, the container will get indulged in every aspect of sailing world from the past, the present, as well as for the future.

Obviously, more articles will be related to real boats, as well as reviews on new models, tested in preview. And above all, let yourself be lulled by memories with boats from the past, which have still a lot to tell.

Our mission: is to intrigue and above all make you excited about this fabulous world of sailings. For now we are just a small drop of water, but together we can become an ocean so vast and so influential!



We are not a news organization that has a periodic character, but it is updated according to the availability of materials. Therefore It cannot be considered in any way as an editorial product under Law. n.62 of 2001.