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EXPO 2015: Milan and Boating.

Posted by | May 10, 2015 | News | Comments
EXPO 2015: Milano e la Nautica.

Italy is witnessing since the first of May this year the EXPO Milan 2015. Such an event over an area of 1.1 million square meters, involving more than 140 countries and international organizations is expected to be one of the most outstanding events in the country over the next six months with 20 million visitors from all over the world.

This Fair is entirely dedicated to the world of food, as its theme says « Feed the world an energy for the planet » . According to Prime Minister Matteo Renzi who inaugurated the event « Italy is proud of its food traditions…»

But what does Italy offer to us as naval passionates, considering Italy as one of the main boat industrial countries in the world. In fact this event is also dedicated to lovers of boats.


EXPO 2015: Milano e la Nautica.

EXPO 2015: Milano e la Nautica.

NavigaMI, now in its sixth year, the Boat Show in Milan dedicated its exhibits to boats up to 12 sq.m. where the public will be able to find answers to all queries on boats and related fields.

In the meantime, once can also visit the pavilion of sailing schools, charter companies for the rental of boats as well as clothing companies and naval accessories.
All this will take place at the Naviglio Grande and Darsena, recently upgraded, the weekend that goes from 8 to 10 May 2015.

Milan, for those who may not know yet, is the only Italian city that has the largest number of boat licenses.

EXPO 2015: Milano e la Nautica.

EXPO 2015: Milano e la Nautica.

EXPO2015 , is a unique opportunity to find innovative, competitive and sustainable answers to one of the most important questions of today: how to ensure sufficient and healthy food to all humanity.

Historically speaking , the first International Exhibition of Milan held on April 28, 1906, dedicated to the theme of transport. On that occasion, the area behind the Castello Sforzesco, the current Sempione Park, home to more than 200 pavilions. The interest in the progress made in the field of land and sea transport was so high to the extent that the whole world was awaiting the termination of the work of the Simplon Tunnel. The event allowed Milan to earn a starring role on the international level.

To ensure that sufficient food and healthy comes to all mankind, we should pay tribute also to transport of foodstuffs by sea.There are hundreds of fleets sailing the seas around the world, which play a key role,in the transportation of foodstuffs.

The introduction of the container since the 60s, has inevitably led to a process of "homogenization" in the mode of transportation by sea; as if not more interest in the type of goods transported.

The transport by containers means shipping quickly in a more reliable and safe manner with the advantage of having the goods "protected" in the container until the arrival in the warehouse of the buyer.
In this context, the food product is without doubt a product category that requires special attention, because the shelf life is a deadline that requires careful selection of the maritime service for the period needed for the consumption of the product is not sold out during the journey.

EXPO 2015: Milano e la Nautica.

EXPO 2015: Milano e la Nautica.

The container, in the nautical world, is not only a logistical means to carry food, but there are several categories of fleets, such as tankers, designed to carry any edible product, namely oil, water, and wine, etc. in full compliance with hygiene and food preservation standards.

A showcase to display brands made in Italy, is of great importance that EXPO 2015 Milano also has to revive the Maritime sector. In fact, it is estimated that investments by UCINA has allocated about 700,000 Euros for the organization of events due to take place in Milan as well: an exhibition of "Yacht Design and Made in Italy", a conference on "World Yacht Design Forum with prizes", in addition to another event, "Feeding the world -- the role of the sea".