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Houseboat, an alternative holiday.

Posted by | June 29, 2014 | News | Comments
Houseboat, an alternative holiday.

Imagine yourself sailing slowly at 4 to 5 knots, between the forests, rivers, grazing farms or vineyards, this could be an alternative to a hotel vacation.
In order to conduct a houseboat you will not need any sailing licence. The only thing required is to have the small budget and seek a renter that matches your requirement.


This type of charter in Italy is common only in Lagoon of Venice (in particular "the Minuetto" 13mt, can fit in about 6 guests)

There are, of course, different sizes , from 7-8mt to 15-16mt , the latter you can be driven directly from the flying-bridge, like a normal cruiser.
The cost for a week is about 3500 euros.

Houseboat, una vacanza alternativa

This type of an alternative holiday is more widespread, in a number of European countries. It is in France, where rivers and channels, there are many routes. It is possible to rent a Houseboat in Belgium, Germany, Holland, England, Poland and Ireland. Outside Europe, one can find similar solutions in Australia, USA , Asia and elsewhere.

It is important to remember, at this point, that even fixed Houseboat exists in city center, as we notice in Amsterdam, where people may spend about 150 Euros a night for a comfortable aquatic residence, with a double price.

Houseboat, an alternative holiday.

Houseboat, an alternative holiday.